Steven Matthews

    O: 352-474-8484

    Steven Matthews is a locally grown Floridian born in the city of Live Oak. Due to spending the majority of his life in the North and Central regions, he is well-acquainted to the area in ways only a local could be. Having grown up in his father's business in Computer Sales and Contracting, he'd become accustomed to professional networking and good business acumen. After abruptly returning from college in Crowley's Ridge College due to a family emergency, Steven found work in Automotive Sales and Financing before moving on to the Real Estate industry. Acquiring his license, Steven was then hired by Pristine Properties due to a referral from a former client who personally vouched for his work ethic. While new to the industry, Steven is not unfamiliar with the professional world of sales or contracting. Steven now seeks to establish himself with a reputation for ethical business and reliable accessibility, making himself available at his office in Newberry.

    Steven Matthews
    Office: 352-474-8484
    Pristine Properties
    1431 East Wade Street
    Trenton, FL 32693
    Phone: 352-474-8484

    Steven Matthews

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